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Job Categories

We maintain relationships with companies in various industries in order to give you the competitive advantage you need when looking for a job. The ability to gain experience with different businesses in a variety of high demand industries can make you more employable. We offer opportunities for work in three key industries:

•  Light-Industrial

•  Clerical

•  Event & Hospitality

We will work with you in your career development to help find a job that meets your individual goals.


Skilled workers that can provide light-industrial services are highly requested by our clients. Assignments for light-industrial work can consist of workers for forklift, warehouse, manufacturing, custodial, general labor and more. These positions can help you gain experience while learning or enhancing skills.


Clerical skills are a critical requirement of any successful workplace. The ability to perform basic office and administrative duties improves the workflow of a business and removes unnecessary work from other team members. Clerical work can range from simple clerical tasks to more technical work. These positions can help you gain experience and skills that are in demand.

Event & Hospitality

Work in event & hospitality offers you experience in a growing industry. Every event, large or small, requires workers that are detail oriented, professional, and reliable with exceptional customer service skills. There are a wide variety of positions available with opportunities in everything from lobby attendants to event services and much more.

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